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Webinar on Type & Empathy      

 by Pam Fox Rollin


This one and half hour webinar is a version of keynote address given by speaker at APTi XXII Biennial Conference Salt Lake City July 18-20, 2017

Companies are betting billions on empathy — employee engagement, user experience, design-thinking, agile development, diversity and inclusion all rely on taking the perspectives of other people. Just in the past couple years, enough people are talking about being human and mindful at work that the door is open for relating in a fresh way: with empathy. And, we have good evidence now that most people aren’t great at this and are getting worse. As type practitioners we have a huge opportunity to address this gap and show additional value to our clients.
The  webinar delves more on practical ways we can use our type knowledge to help leaders grow, teams collaborate, products become useful, and people everywhere behave with more sanity and kindness.

Thursday, October 5, 2017
6.30 pm – 8.00 pm EST

About Our Speaker:

Pam Fox Rollin, MBTI Master Practitioner, ENTP, coaches executives and high potentials especially in technology, health care, biotech, and professional services. Pam specializes in working with leaders who have been “rockstars” in their functional areas (Marketing, Finance, Technology, Operations, etc.) and are now stepping up to more strategic senior roles. She guides CEOs and top teams of public and emerging global companies to lead together more effectively. Clients include Cisco, Stanford Medicine, McKesson,Genentech/Roche & PayPal. Pam earned an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where she later served as Guest Fellow in Leadership and Senior Facilitator for the class that alumni rate most valuable: Interpersonal Dynamics.Pam draws from Myers-Briggs(r) and a range of instruments and approaches to help leaders and teams become more effective. She is frequently invited to speak on topics including knowing where you stand as a leader, building leaders throughout the organization, and her research into how leaders of different personality types develop emotional intelligence.